Day in Day out....Oh my, its Saturday, February 09, 2008 already

2008 New Blog

Head over HERE for the new blog.

Day in Day out....Oh my, its Friday, October 19, 2007 already


This blog has accompanied me for many years. Its like an old friend who saw me through the happys and the sads. It started when I was just a studying geek. And it is still here when I am drawing my own salary. Sadly. But surely. I am an aquarius. I need a new place for me to write my thoughts.

This place will be the place where my history will be stored and one day be revisited. Until then. A new blog. A new address.

Day in Day out....Oh my, its Tuesday, October 09, 2007 already

No more

Who knows that it will not be that simple? It seems that once again, the wheel is turning. A cycle of agony. A cycle that I dread. Its deja vu all over, only with different characters. The latest story is coming to an end, I fear. The chapters were good. The story was excellent. Was.

Day in Day out....Oh my, its Friday, September 28, 2007 already

My Love Will Get You Home

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Day in Day out....Oh my, its Thursday, September 06, 2007 already

Come to think about it

The complexity of the world that we live in is a result of??? While many sees issues and challenges, I just see problems. Neither solutions or meetings can effectively solve them all. Problems will beget more problems.

In the midst of slacking.

Day in Day out....Oh my, its Sunday, September 02, 2007 already


Its so fragile that it was almost never there. I would have thought it would last. But I really want to know if anyone can forget all that so soon? Or a new mask to don, staring coldly at me. Yes. I guess its a new path. A diverged one. I could never face it the way I used to face it. I hope all is well. Hurt? No longer? Pain? Lingers on.

Dunnoe wat am I writing. Just write. 

Day in Day out....Oh my, its Monday, August 27, 2007 already


I totally dig 881..... ever since I watched that show, my ambition is to sing at 7th month Getai.... (although my hokkien is cmi).

881 is a good local production, especially since "musical" does not really go with our local style. So Royston thought of Singapore's Getai culture and came up with a story, albeit some absurd parts. I would be giving a in-depth, if not for the fact that I need to go off to prepare for work. Overall, 8 Papayas out of 10.


Day in Day out....Oh my, its Sunday, August 12, 2007 already

I am a Working Adult

Well, "Adult" may be over-rated and be subjected to much debate and philosophical dissection. But "Working", definitely aye.

In less than 12 hours time, I am going to take flight to a whole new horizon.....metaphorically and literally...... EY, which is my new employer, is sending us to Penang for a short stint of overseas training. It will be a great start, symbolically and in reality.

~~~~Taking flight to a Whole New Horizon~~~~

Alrighty, I need to kill the God of Procrastinator in me atm. The July post is still a virgin.....

Day in Day out....Oh my, its Wednesday, August 08, 2007 already

Raison D'etre

A reason to exist. 

A reason being.

A reason.

"The bell toiled for the past, where new strangers and old friends treaded.
Like the rivers flowing separately, where the ocean they shall met.
As a new chapter unfolds, the old skin shall shed.
Where tears of joy and laughter of sorrows will be in history's debt.

Leopards never change their spots, many likened to fret.
A new chapter they wrote, yet an old self they penned.
As a new chapter unfolds, I looked with dread.
Where the shinny new paths may lead to Heavens or abyssal depths."

Yinyangme&u will live on. But its Raison D'etre that defines. A new path I shall embark on, whilst many already swimming in that cold cauldron. Verily, my days shall be myraided with new issues, challenges and exciting prospects. A wise man said that its not a problem if you don't see it as a problem.

When, as an ode to procrastination, I have a post title "A day in a month", which documents my NS experience, the end of journey Convocation and the Graduation dinner. Cheers to Procrastination!

Happy Birthday to Singapore. 42 years of nation building. It seems that Singapore is a place where one would call home, and yet, one would yearn to live in a hotel.  

Raison D'etre..........

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Day in Day out....Oh my, its Sunday, June 24, 2007 already

A buddle of gifts

Many a time I complained that I have no time, yet, for this time, my time is in abundance, albeit for a limited time. What happens if I have too much time, I simply while my time away.

I guess blogging too can play a part to while my time away.

Of Things that Giss Me

One week after I got back from Taiwan, I kanna this boil on my leg. The doctor said the boil was because of my body rejecting "something". Something equals I also don't know what.


On another note, I don't really know whether to feel safe or pressurized by an incessant notion of a bomb going off in the MRT station.


Is the Powerpuff Girls still as popular? Seriously, Singapore needs to move on and be ahead of things. We are so lagging behind in terms of technology (iPhone is debuting in the States this FRIDAY!!!), fashion (missed Taipei a lot), TV shows (LOST 3 is "premiering") and tons of other fun stuff......


I know it seems odd to HATE such cute things. However, I am someone who is a clean freak. Can you imagine the amount of dirt, lice, saliva (although the friend of mine says its very clean and does not smell bad) and urine? ~~~Shudders~~~



And I was trapped in the Sentosa station. A fire alarm went off and the "security gate" started to roll down to ~~prevent the fire from coming into the station~~...What if the fire is over at my side? Am I going to be burnt alive.....-_-


Of Makanlicious and More Makanlicious

Spent my thing hunting for makans with my friends. Here are some of the things that I do recommend....~~confession, these are the makans that I remembered to photo~~....

Japanese style cheese-dipped lobster.....the only reason why I took this photo was because its my first time tasting such good lobster. (The others are the usual stuff, beef (almost ordered Kobe), sushi and sashimi..)


Fusion stuff seems to be in the vogue now. This restaurant echoes the Fusion theme.


And my friends love dessert. Me too. What's life without the good old Whiskey Tiramisu?

That is CY's hand...~~~he is working for the government, I must take note not to criticize my beloved government.~~~

Sometimes too exotic a dessert will cause immense agony at deciding what to do which the additional stuff like a cup of unknown sauce? drink? syrup?....


I can never tahan ice-cream with brownie.....(not I order one)....


Of CFA Examination Day

I thought that NTU examination venues are very intimidating. NooOooooOOooooO.... The CFA exam was held at the Singapore Expo Hall 1. It was an intense affair and there were many "Proters". Who are the proters? They are people in charge of different areas. For example, for my first time of my life that I have heard, "Toilet Proters". They are in charge of making sure that the toilet is free from hidden notes and candidates. They will escort candidates should they want to visit the loo. And we have the Security Proters, in charge of general security and protect us from madman, Examination Booklet Proters, in charge of retrieving and distributing the exam booklets and Exit Proters that check us if we bring in any illegal materials.



Excellent food provided by the CFA society to the members.....or was I really hungry that day?



Of Other Random Things

New hair-cut...very cheap only....





Day in Day out....Oh my, its Friday, June 15, 2007 already


Suddenly at the end of a 10 year marathon, the finishing line seemed so unfamiliar. The lifestyle so focused on studying and slacking is evaporating with the passing minute. Like a pool of water, evaporation seems like an end to the many bonds that so tightly knitted together, yet, separation is an eventual fact. Finally, at the end of the run, there lingered a tinge of unwillingness to relinquish the much cherished identify of being a student.

Its a Fact.

Get on with Life.


Day in Day out....Oh my, its Saturday, June 09, 2007 already


The strength of procrastinating lies in the ability to organise and plan out stuff and execute them at a later date. I always stick to this maxim!

Procrastination is for the Leaders of the Future..think about it.

I have gobbled up two shows for this week. One is good, the other is less than average.

The first show.....Shrek 3....

It was the same old jokes, the same old stuff and the same old tickles. Yet, the best thing is that such never fails to make me laugh. The formula works! (Please don't go and watch 东海战. It was a failed formula from "The Zodiac". And yet they persisted to try to go to the Big Screen. No chance man!!)

I give Shrek 3....3.8 Ogre Babies out 5.

The next show.....Man In White aka 鬼阿!鬼阿!

I regreted watching it. I support local production very much, especially "Singapore Dreaming". Man In White failed to live up to my already very low expectation. Simply it was not worth the $8 I paid for. I rather pay $5 dollar for the VCD. There was a logic flaw in the show. Yes, I know, this show was not meant for the sane and rational people. I can understand the use of the "Ghost" theme, but go and watch it and you might feel the same as me.

0.3 Silly Ghosts out of 5.

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Day in Day out....Oh my, its Saturday, May 26, 2007 already

Movie Gala Event 2007

Stars...Glamour...Posh...and...Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

It was just like any other Movie Preview Events. Food and wine. Chat and dine.



Me and the friend of mine attended a Movie Night event organised by the CFA. The buffet was SUPER GOOD. I like the spagetti and the sauce. And of course, the Movie itself. All for a small amount of money.

The show itself must be watched with the other parts of the PotC series. As a show by it self, the plot made little sense. It was an attempt to reconcile and consolidate the story-line in totality. To me, it was a totally commericalised effort that missed the very gist of its original strength. The PotC 1 was an applauded success, with PotC 2 and 3 merely a businessman holding the camera.

Much has to credit the special effects team and the props and settings team. I like all the elaborate settings, especially how they protrayed the 1800s Singapore(certainly the year must be after 1819, the year that Raffles founded and named Singapore as Singapore). Although it may not be accurate, at least, our little red dot is on the screen global-wide. Though "Welcome to Singapore" seems too tacky for me. It was an outrageous advertisement. Truly "Uniquely Singapore". Only Singapore can do that.

And in the olden days of Singapore, people DO speak Cantonese, along with Hokkien, Teochiew, Hakka, Fuchow, Malay, English and a whole assortment of languages. So they are not wrong totally to protray Sao Feng and gang speaking Cantonese.

Maybe the most absurb thing is the ending. And the weak storyline with respect to the scenes at World's End. Given that it is most mysterious part of the world, and potentially the crux of PotC 3. But it was given little attention. It was just another desert and beach. >.<

I guess only the die-hard fan of PotC series will find the third installment tantalising. But as for many others, it could be smelly bean-curb or liu lian. For me, I enjoyed the show pretty much as I guess other than the story line, the overall acting, directing, sets and special effects and of course, the many punch-lines that spiced up the show. Overall, I give it a 3.2 Pirate's Hats out of 5.

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Day in Day out....Oh my, its Tuesday, May 22, 2007 already

Can you take it?

Initially I did not want to watch it. It took me like a few weeks before I decided to give it a go. I watched "28 days later" a couple of years ago and I loved it. Imagine waking up in a hospital and realising that you are pretty much the only living being in the city or for that matter the country. The pressure of being and feeling alone in a largely deserted and empty city like London, and to realise that there are mobs of virus-striken people chasing after you. Yea, its tough...

Hence, I did not give "28 weeks later" much thought, since its has a different director and different cast. None-the-less, I went ahead and watched it. To my pleasant surprise, it turned out better than I thought. There was a sudden realisation to what "28 days later" is after. I suddenly saw the connection between both movies. It was not as fragmented as I thought it to be.

Overall, 3.75 Rage Virus out 5.


Don't be mean

I don't mean to be mean. But I really need to let off some of the Anti-AT feeling, otherwise I might morph to be "One Of Them". Hereafter known as OOT or AT. The whole herd of them has practically made themselves thoroughly notorious throughout the World. While the early generations bring forth virtues, creativity and resilence, their seeds in their native country certainly failed to enshroud themselves with the same characteristics.

Instead, rampant pirates and copy-cats, incessant pushing and shoving in queues (if there is any), outrageous behaviors that even their government is trying very hard to clamp down on and a list of activities, that one would shudder to think of. In many instances, my encounter and experience with them were unpleasant. Probably I am over-reacting, making a Mount Everest out of Mount Faber. But what if many others feel the same way as I do? Over-reacting? Nah.

The latest news in town have them besting themselving at the art of pirating.

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Day in Day out....Oh my, its Sunday, May 20, 2007 already

Do you want to be me?

Came across these two interesting advertisment on one of the channels (certainly not Singapore's Mediacock-up's channels).

Its about exchanging bodies. The first ad started with a very Zen moment. The lady said to the man, "They say if we run towards each other at our fastest speed at 1km (I think) apart, our souls will switch bodies." And they did, and the ad stopped there.

The other ad goes something a long the same line. This time involving two buddies. One of the buds said, "They say if we hug each other and start to roll 300 times, our souls will switch bodies." And they did, rolling downwards from top of a hill.

Pity though, I don't get what they are trying to advertise. But I dig at their concept and cinematography.

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Day in Day out....Oh my, its Saturday, May 19, 2007 already

Picture of a bygone Era

Taiwan's DPP-led government is determined to get rid of any legacy left by ex-President of the Republic of China. The renaming of the Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall, and not forgetting the removal of thousands of Chiang Kai-shek's bronze statues, are evidents that this government is trying to score political points and to further advance its political interests.

Thankfully, I managed to capture the last few moments of an Era.



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A new layout.

Verily it looks like the old. Yes, the new look is a result of some trimmings and re-arranging. I am no HTML fan, nor a Computing genius. I wanted to revamp totally, but was very worried about the codings and stuff. In the end, I decided to go for the minimalist look.

Speaking of which, I have 2 months and a half before I start work. Hopefully I pass all my examinations. Otherwise, it will be hell for me. Literally.

Looking ahead,

  • CFA examination on June the 3rd

  • Probably a London>Paris>Greece trip

  • Blah, In-camp for 11 days

  • Hopefully, touched...

  • Malacca Makan Trip with JC pals

  • Starting work on August 13th

  • I need to be more constructive. Perhaps a driving license, something that my dad has been bugging me to do?

    Work is never on my mind now. Thinking that I have a lifetime ahead of me to work. >.<

    Right now, I am just busy mugging for the CFA exam.

    Too much time on hand is indeed a bane for me.

    Too little time on hand is makes me insane.

    Blah, I just need to enjoy these precious carefree days.......


    Need a New Layout

    This blog is in a dire need of a new look!!

    Otherwise I wun be writing more stuff le.


    Day in Day out....Oh my, its Tuesday, May 15, 2007 already